Health Benefits of Resistance Strength Training

Resistance strength training has received quite some attention throughout the past few years, but why? Self-explanatory through the name, Resistance Training is a form of strength / weight training that uses some form of resistance to develop the strength and endurance of your muscles. To break the concept down further, the resistance component used can be any item/object that applies force to the body, resulting in your body trying to resist it. How it works is that when your body is constantly having to fight some form of resistance, your muscles work to defeat that force, eventually overcoming it, gaining in strength and muscle definition. 

Essentially, anything can be used as a form of resistance, given that it challenges your muscles. The most common equipment used within resistance training includes booty bands (resistance band set) and weights, such as dumbells, kettlebells and barbells.

Proven Health Benefits:

Flexibility and Balance

Lifting and using weights in your fitness regime allows the joints to move in a vast array of ways. As a result, it works to keep your joints strong and adaptable to certain movements which increases your flexibility and balance but also works in your favour as you get older and become more fragile. 

Variety to workouts

Ever experienced a plateau in the gym, where you are no longer seeing results and feel like you have hit a wall? Maybe you haven’t reached that stage yet and are just bored of doing the same forms of exercise? Resistance strength training is a great way to change up your workouts as the options are endless. Some people even just use their own body weight as a form of resistance with a high rep count. 

Increases Bone Density 

Unfortunately as we part with our younger selves it means that we are faced with the joys of growing old and the negative side effects that tend to come with that. One of the side effects that we can all look forward to is the fact that muscle mass declines, typically by 3-5% with every decade that passes after the age of 30. Less muscle mass equates to greater weakness, increasing your risk of injury. By incorporating resistance training consistently into your exercise regime, you are able to increase your bone mineral density which helps to lower the amount of muscle mass you lose whilst also reducing the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis as you get older.

Boost Mood and Enhance Mental Health

Resistance training (well, to be fair, nearly every type of physical exercise) results in your body releasing endorphins, which are these great hormones that help to increase our mood and energy levels, eliminate negative thoughts and reduce the feeling of pain and stress. So if this isn’t a great reason to try out resistance training, then we are not sure what is!

Increased Strength & Muscle Tone

Common sense really, but resistance training is a great way to tone and define your muscles. As explained earlier, resistance training gets the muscles to work against a force to eventually overcome that force, allowing the muscle to develop and strengthen. As a result, your muscles will grow, allowing them to start toning and become more defined. Wanting that well defined, perky peach? Start using Peach Builder Booty Bands and incorporate a few glute activations into your warm-up routine and you will be seeing those toning results in no time!

Boosts Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rates can be tricky as there are several factors that come into play. The speed of your metabolism is largely determined by genetic factors, however there are a few ways that you can heighten your chances of boosting your metabolism and burn those extra unwanted calories. It all comes down to muscle mass and body mass. The more body / muscle mass you have, the more calories are burnt naturally. Therefore, the solution becomes pretty straight forward, increase your metabolic rate by gaining more muscle. How do we gain more muscle? Through resistance strength training of course. 

Strength training with resistance bands is the most efficient and effective way to incorporate a resistance based style of training into your own workout routine. Not only are resistance bands small and compact, therefore making it easier to workout no matter where you are, they are also a great way to target and activate your quads and glutes, increasing muscle strength and definition.